There are multiple things I really like about the new Hero picker:

-better hero sorting mechanics.
-Suggesting Picks
-The "soft-random" Spin thing is good.

But I think the overall look of it is quite unfitting and it has a few other disadvantages currently.

- It looks way to modern (age not quality) which is a strong contrast to the dusty and antique look of the ingame UI (you know the thing made out of stone). Old one was alot more fitting.
- The card system is meh: I go into Grid Mode and Click on a card and that system takes me out of Gridmode again. It also didn't give any further Data compared to the one before. (Attack range and movespeed as an example, even though it at elast allows you to sort by that)
- If you stay with the card system, you shouldn't default to the "Starter heroes" thing. It utterly confused me :P
- The card system also leads to the longer images. These lead to female characters breasts being on each of their damn cards and flying stuff like Viper look kinda weird.
- Grid view also limits useage of suggest heroes, the possibilty to see picked heroes and the "soft-random" which together witht the fact that it always switches back is slightly annoying.
- Picking screen in general also doesn't fit with the rest of the UI style (and to be honest I liked that rusty and classy look better especially since it also fits the DotA2 logo.)

There are obviously more things that I liked and disliked, but I just wanted to give a list. Note that if I am talking about Art-Style Rusty isn't meant negative and modern isn't meant positive.