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Thread: Swap the in-game grid and card view with the Learn Tab grid view

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    Swap the in-game grid and card view with the Learn Tab grid view

    Like the title says, as a quick fix towards efficient picking, swap the current card and grid view hero pick screens, which are very helpful for new players to learn about heroes and their roles...

    with the one currently from the Learn Tab, which is way more simple and fit for efficient hero picking and less fit for actually learning.

    I think it should be fairly easy to do.
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    Yes this would actually be the best option to go for in my opinion.

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    Yeah I still don't get why is not like that.
    Even in grid mode I find picking an hero harder.

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    I agree. I much prefer the more concise grid to the other one.

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    Thank you OP, that is exactly it. Not the current crappy flip card crap. Whoever implemented the current model should be banned from dota 2.

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