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Thread: The new Hero Picker doesn't help players pick heroes quickly and efficiently

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    Quote Originally Posted by c0ldpr0xy View Post
    Besides, every time there comes a new layout change to a product that is regularly used by many people, they ALWAYS complain about a month or so and then they stop like babies. Remember YouTube layout? Facebook layout? Everyone complained so hard but now everyone got used to it and they do not mind it.

    People who are developing our beloved Dota 2 are professionals. They know what they are doing. This forum just helps them spot bugs that come out of human error. Remember that it is still in BETA. Changes are inevitable. Patience dude
    Who likes the FB layout? or the Youtube one? You can't choose to go back so you have to stick with it, that doesn't mean you like it.

    But on the subject, the new look for heroes is so wrong, keep it simple, why is there always a tendancy to complicate things? And about the dashboard, don't really care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckspike View Post
    actually most users cannot sustain an entire month of complaining so if the the developer ignores them long enough most people will just give up. Then your only 2 choices are to deal with it or stop using it. Most people I know STILL hate the FB changes they just don't vocalize it anymore since they know it isn't gonna change back. And no good alternative exists so you just have to stomach it.

    The whole 'they're pros so they know best' is bullshit. Don't even go there. Pros make horrid choices all the time, history is littered with failed 'advances'. Enjoy your ZUNE. lol.
    All it takes is someone like-minded to become a CEO of some popular gaming company and trash everything for the profit! Valve should have learned from recent legal events that DOTA, not only the name but the game, belongs to the community. For without us, DOTA would not be what it is today. Period! Twas the few who believed [ie: Pre-steam dev and every single one of us on the forums] that saved DOTA from its early fate to become just another forgotten gem. Without them we would not be here today.

    The complaints may be expressed by few, compared to the total amount playing the actual game, but it is us who care enough to simply put our email in a text box and decided on a fucking password so that we are allowed a voice. We are not all programmers nor are we all graphic artists. An account and a reply is all we are given.

    The tools and seats of power needed to make direct changes to the client is something we shall never posses; and for a good reason! However, If the voice allotted to us is not enough to swade the minds of valve's top paid designers to the fact that, hey, maybe pretending to be itunes isn't a good idea! or if the men and women of the round table in the offices of valve have to much of an ego to admit their design is crap and their numbers don't mean squat! Then i request mod assistance in assuring that my account is completely erased along with traces of my information on this forum.

    side note: Yes this is a beta but this is when decisions are finalized. Also the layout UI, except the tiny chat, is fine.. Hero select stinks.
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    I agree with this. It looks painful to select heroes. I am used to see icons of them. At least make an option to switch back to the old one or something like that.

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    too slow to even find 1 hero.... the old one was much more efficient and works much better... valve, please change it...


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    It is confusing and unclear. It took me the full picking time to scroll through it, not to mention if i looked for a specific hero.

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    It's very confusing. The only way I'm selecting heroes for now is to just type the name and hitting alt-enter, just to not look at this monstrosity of an UI and also because it's actually easier to pick by typing. +1

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    I find the new UI to absolutely stunning, it really gives you the feeling that you are making a choice


    The grid mode should be possible to swap on and off as default view since the pick time is a bit too small to allow me to browse through the cards
    A more advanced preview view would also be appreciated where abilites, stats and roles are showed with their description and numbers without the need to hover.

    Other than that I really like this new UI, feels way more thought out than just putting a bunch of pictures on a flat surface

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    Quote Originally Posted by detonator7 View Post
    +1 Dota is not a card game
    indeed it is not, i feel it's better to be in single draft.. It would suit well there..

    Man, I would like them to go grid style instead.. Card picking is annoying, painful and slow..

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    Agree to this. Although it looks nice but it's complicated.

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    The new hero picker is so bad. The old hero picker was quick, efficient and appealing.
    There was no need to change the hero picker, i get valve is trying to make dota 2 better but theres no need to overdo it.
    The new hero picker is harder to use and has no benefit what so ever, if this was designed to make it easier for noobs then i can guarantee it has done completely the opposite. Sure you can press control to see the grid view but it's still harder to use and inefficient. Please change this back while i go back to dota on wc3.

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