Hi Valve,

first of all i'd like to say that i like your game very much and i especially love(d) the the DOTA2 TV functionality.
But with the newest update to the Dashboard and the Watching Tab, the whole layout got messed up in my opinion.

The new design is pretty pretty, but you cannot see anything at the first view.
I think design of the Watching should focus more on usefulness.

Issues of the Current Situation (right side of the attachment):
  • Big Pictures/much room for unnecessary things (e.g. the the picture of the fountain and of the current tower situation)
  • very small/hardly visible hero portraits

The Questions here are:
  • Why do i want to watch a game?
  • What is the decisive factor to watch a specific game?

My Answers:
  • I watch a game to be entertained (e.g. a nice game with Pudge )
  • I watch a game to see the playstyle of a specific hero (e.g. how do i play storm spirit?)
  • I watch a game to learn about a certain strategy (e.g. a specific push lineup and the overall playstyle with that tactic)
  • I watch a game to see a real PRO player (e.g. Dendi)

How do i serve these purposes with the Layout of the Matchticker?
→ Most of the reasons for watching a game are certain heroes or hero combinations (imho) so WHY would u make the hero portraits the smallest, while a static picture of the fountain obtains most of the space?

  • Make the heroes playing clearly visible and remove the ancient picture.
  • Merge the played time and the tower situation together, so that it reflects the current status of the game.
  • Maybe you can hide additional information and make it visible when i hover over a certain match.

Finally i picked a random match and tried to improve the layout of the matchticker.
(don't expect much, i'm not graphic designer and it was made via MSPaint... )

Attachment 6598
explanation: right side is original screenshot, left one is modified