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Thread: "New" Dashboard on lower resolutions...

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    "New" Dashboard on lower resolutions...

    Overall the new dashboard looks cool (not to mention crappy heropicker where you have to perform a lot of moves to pick a hero). Right now I'm forced to play on low resolution - 1024x768. The fonts and browser on this resolution are way to small that I have to lean forward to see something. On the old dashboard they were somewhat fine. Is there any way to increase the size of the fonts or do some tweaks for the dashboard for lower resolutions like you did in-game (like kill counter is still on top right corner on 4:3)?
    Example's in an attachment below.


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    They are just as small on higher resolutions. And the chat text is just as blocky. It's also very dark.

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    my laptop has a native maximum res. of 1366x768 and the new font sizes are just a pain in the eye

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    +1 I can barely read it, it is WAY too small.

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