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Thread: Random language on "Spectating a game"

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    Random language on "Spectating a game"

    LanguageChange.jpgSeems like something is wrong with the languages on today's page. When looking at your friends section on the main page, the words "Watching a game" or "Playing" below your friend's name are shown in a different language.

    My steam is set to English and so is my game. This is what I see today.
    Note that it says "Schaut einer Partie zu", which is the German translation for "Watching a game". That does not have to do with my location (I am in Germany atm), as it was displayed in French yesterday. The language changes randomly.

    To summarize, you can say that something is off there

    Edit: Still trying to increase the size of the picture, seems way too small...
    Edit2: Now you should be able to see what I am trying to show...
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    That has nothing to do with your steam settings, it is theirs. His game/steam is in german, and that's the result of that. If it was on french you would see it in french.

    But yes, it should stay in english if your game is in english, you are right there.

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    The user status is grabbed from the local language file of the user, so if the user uses German the text will appear in German. More in this thread.

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