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Thread: [Suggestion] Scalable and moveable windows

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    [Suggestion] Scalable and moveable windows

    Some Players like a big chat and others prefer a big Friendlist.
    Some Players would like to see a big window of the "News" website and other dont really care about it.

    Scalable (and moveable?) windows like we know it from our Desktop.
    Everyone could scale (and move?) their Chat and Friendlist however their want and everyone would find his best arrangement (check attachment for a small visualisation)

    It is not necessary to let someone move and mix up all the windows but there should be at least the choice between some positions e.g. the position of the Chat (right, left, bottom).

    Furthermore there could be a minimize button for every window that allows to hide e.g. the Chat or the Friendlist.
    If someone messed his Dashboard with moving, scaling etc. he could simply click a small button called "Restore Dashboard" or something else.

    I hope you understand my suggestion and I would like to have some feedback from the community. Maybe there are some good ideas out there or even a similar thread.



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    This sounds like a very good idea being able to rearrange the chat/friends boxes etc to the position you are most comfortable with.

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    a customizable ui sounds great would be even greater if the community could make mods for it when its released

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