First off i'm a veteran player. Played DOTA since 1.10 all stars. LoL or HoN and i think they suck. I've "played" but never owned or wanted to play them again.

Now, 300 Hours of playing DOTA 2, i want to voice my opinions. This is a great game, i like the changes going forward. Something needs to change on these four items.

Portrait pictures are small and slightly out of place. This makes it really hard who have muscle memory to "self-cast" themselves. I end up missing the picture all the time. Can you make it the same location/size at least as before?

GRID View needs to be the default. This new iPod scroll thing is for people who don't have a mouse. Comon guys. So slow and just unusable.

Pudge Rot needs better animation for those who are trapped inside the cloud. This is really an important visual image for those in Rot and Pudge's movement. Also pudge should be able to Rot MID-HOOK like dota one. There is a delay that prevents ROT from kicking in until the hook fully retracts.

Matchmaking: What the hell changed? Since the release of this "NEW" user interface, the matches have been so one sided. I either get an awesome team or a horrible team. This was much better before this new release, i don't know what happened.

I appreciate the consideration. Thanks a lot.