Well,unlike most of the forum,i don't see the problem with the general idea of using cards instead of simple layout.
However,currently,it has some features that arent quite suitable for dota players,so it could use some improving.

Let me start by saying that the Single Draft's Card's style picker is the way this version of picker should be developed.
SD is perfect right now.Because u got all heroes that are available to you right there in front of you,all of them at once.
Style doesnt matter then,it can be whatever Valve puts in,as long as its simple to use and give a nice overview of your options for pick.

That leads us to a problem.
On RD,where u don't have all heroes available,but only some,its hard to know what u have.
Current style contantly forces you to either keep shuffling it or try to remember all heroes that are available in order to be able to pick smart(counterpick).
That needs to be changed.There has to be a way of showing those card all at once,so you can clearly see who do u have without having to scroll 20x or remember the heroes.

AP system doesnt has to have the change the RD system has to have,since on AP all heroes are available,so a "standard" dota player already knows who's available to him.
As far as showing spells and stuff goes,that cant be used as an argument for Card Style sucking,since newcomers are supposed to first check the Learn tabs and play some games vs Bots,in order to learn hero spells and basic stuff about them.
So,me not being able to see morph's spells on AP Card Style doesnt has anything to with that card style being bad,but insted with me,because i didn't take the time needed to learn Morph.

So,everything is fine,except for RD.
RD needs to prioritise in functionality over estetics.
We need a way to show all heroes at once on RD,and that is,its a perfect system then.
Maybe place a scroll card style in 2 rows,one with 10 other with 11 heroes,and u switch between them with up/down.But still,cards would have to be smaller,in order to have them all visible at once.
They wouldn't have to be same size,"active card" should be the biggest,but rest of cards should be fully visible too