So, I don't know what dashboard layout was better. But now, I really hate that you put only wins to starting page. That's really stupid.

This it should look like:

Why? Because THIS^ is the most important information on the whole Dashboard. You should always see there your WINS and LOSSES number and kind of compare them after every game.
Don't mind that wins and losses always is almost the same number because matchmaking does it like that.

Why wins should be displayed? Obvious, everyone is have to know his wins number.

Next, why losses should be displayed? To compare this two numbers. Because it's really pleasant when you see that your wins percentage is more that 50%.

Why losses should be displayed among with wins? Again, to compare them. After every game you see that one of this numbers increased, and you are also subconsciously can a bit more try to win next game.

Next, why should abandons be displayed. Well, there are pleasant to see that your abandons number is 0, or 1, or 2, when your other numbers are 61, or 980, may be. And if you are leaver, 30/30/30 numbers will kind of blame you.

Why they should be put together? Of course, because this numbers can increase every game and they are describing you.

And chat and friends height can be shrinked a little