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Thread: Efficient, Easy & Pro level. A none crybaby solution to the picker

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    This is godlike. I like how your mock-up is a nice amalgamation of the new card scroller and the old grid system. The new card system is great and really gives a lot of great info on how each hero will potentially fit into a team, my problem is simply the new layout of the UI. There's no reason that we should have to switch back and forth between grid and card mode. The final UI should VERY clearly indicate which hero you selected, which heroes your team is thinking of picking or has selected, as well as which heroes are no longer available. In the current new grid system I find it difficult to see which heroes are dimmed due to having been selected already.

    Your idea of having a starting lane position indicator is interesting as well. What would be really cool is if the UI could recommend which lane certain heroes should go in, and who their lane partner should be. However I do think there could be a point where too many suggestions could be a hindrance. It is conceivable that people might not look outside the box after getting used to doing what the game says. One of the things I hate the most about playing League of Legends is when people insist that such and such hero is ONLY a carry or TERRIBLE for mid lane or whatever.

    Overall nice ideas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cn.white View Post
    combine this with and we might have a winner.
    The problem with this is that i do not see how eliminating the possibility of having useful tabs where the old hero portrait was will increase efficiency. You could say that they should have tabs like they do when switching to blog and find match but that will add a whole extra step! thus creating complexity. With the heroes and hero information always being displayed, it eliminates the need of having to jump from tab to tab to decided on what to do.

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    Dont think that this Hero picker ui (valves) is the final product. I think it's the 1st step in what will become the free to play interface. While these suggestions are great, just keep in mind that this is beta and that this is probably not 100% of what valve wants when it comes to hero picking.

    I can also say with some certainty that the ui will have several options and/or the ability to modify. So you could go back to the classic look if you want to.

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    That looks awesome!
    I hope Valve does this.

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    +1 this sounds great

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    This looks awesome! Valve will really put this into consideration!

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    Great mock up. I'm a huge fan of the grid, but I thought the card system is an elegant piece of work that was kind of shoehorned into the picking phase. THIS mockup definitely makes great use of both the grid (old school non-card interface) and the actual card carousel.

    Some notes:

    • Not a fan of sorting being locked behind tabbed interface.
    • Suggested heroes are missing and I feel that is an integral part to the new UI.
      • If you make some adjustments to allocate space for sorting to be visible at all times, I think you could easily make that side panel more robust, having the suggested heroes in one verticle column and leaving the rest of the space for the 'battlefield'.
      • I would call it the lane planner or battle planner.

    • I'm actually a fan of the new background in the picking phase and would like to see a mock up with that background as opposed to the old UI background.
    • Use the new random and pick buttons and move them between the hero selection area and the grid.
      • Shrink the grid window slightly to make some space between the cards and grid for these two buttons.
    This ain't ova.

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    The cards are absolutely out of place in this screenshot, it's like the old picker with cards slapped on it.

    Here's my take on it and some other ideas that I didn't bother to paint:

    An option to make grid stay on by default, selecting a hero makes the card bigger instead of going into the spinner mode, and you can actually see the abilities description.
    A small button next to 'STARTING POSITION' that would contain the description of it.
    My other idea that would make the spinner mode more usable

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