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Thread: Efficient, Easy & Pro level. A none crybaby solution to the picker

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    Efficient, Easy & Pro level. A none crybaby solution to the picker

    UPDATED -May 28

    I've been reading around soaking up all the top ideas/complaints and came up with a great solution. Remember this is a photoshop. There will be obvious scroll bars for all 100+ heroes. There will be Drop down tabs in obvious Drop down tab locations like corners. I've posted this before with little luck but i'd appreciate a proper. critique. Bring grid back bandwagons need not reply.

    All the obvious little things that can only improve inefficiency will be included in the final. Use your imagination on how it would work while being used.. the cards are useful and efficient if used correctly.

    Read the notes! Readers are winners.
    This mock up was made using a low resolution screenshot. Everything was already squished together for me so imagine there being much more space with your fancy two screens. Things will look prettier if valve actually did this. They will use the fresher UI color scheme and art style.. This is a mockup!

    Tabs such as "Battlefield" are just fillers! Did your apartment/house come with that fancy bed and chair when you first check out the place? They are not being suggested as "DO THIS VAVLE. THIS IS HOW IT HAS TO BE" but as in "Hey valve. We request you use this space in a better way. This is a quick example:".

    UPDATED -May 28
    People say that the hero flow idea should be scrapped. However if not for the cards being used to house such space wasting information Like if naix is a STR hero, we would not have enough room for the following:

    Hero Select SUMMERY TAB.png
    The key is to have everything you'd need to learn the game and start it on one page. With thanks to the information on the cards you can easily check spells and attributes while skimming a quick noob friendly guide. They might not be the best but they will understand the basics mechanic of the hero and not feed.


    Attachment 6648

    Hero Flow
    Ideas for the hero flow:
    *There is glow surrounding the selected "Hero flow" hero to easily located on the Grid for a speedy AP select. for example since i used the flow to select brew master, If i notice or not, there is a glow that automatically highlights brew on the grid. Noobs will memorize their location and can quickly select lycan in an AP. ALSO it would work vice versa. When you select a hero in the grid, The hero flow will very smoothly automatically flow to the proper hero card.*

    Allow option to arrange by difficulty if the sort tab is not used.
    Allow option to arrange to ones most playable heroes according to ones statistics. If a specific sort tab is not used.
    Allow option to independently arrange by counter's of the manually selected hero on the Grid.

    Allow items, such as hats, to appear on the hero model on the card

    for this part you have to think that when people decide to actually sort their hero options, they aren't exactly in a rush. This way we can have multiple lists and not just one dedicated "Favorites" Tab or Drop down. The goal is to keep everything obviously right.

    Place properly spaced tabs where the summery and lore tabs are located. I'd strongly suggest relocating the summery and lore tabs to the "Learn" page and replacing them with Tab'ed versions of the following:

    Tab 1(Default): "Battlefield" maybe someone has a better name.
    Mock battlefield located to the right.
    The unit piece on the mock battlefield will allow people around the world to communicate what lanes they desire and to predetermine proper lane. Due to the fact that not everyone speaks english.

    I'd also recommend to make allied Unit head Pieces draggable by other allies.. When dragged a "Ghost" copy is made that, fades within a few seconds, of the selected hero piece. This allows suggested lanes ..

    Tab 2: "Sorting" (This could be all independent information on a tab. Or be the options to auto arrange the hero flow)
    Tab with all your "Smart sorting" and Real time customized lists. The follow will be the sub options the within the tab.
    -Recommended(Works like pandora and instead of playing songs you might like, it will list heroes you will likely own with.)
    -Skill(Will list heroes according to the required learning curve.)
    -Counter (Sorts heroes according the what counters any highlighted hero on the gird/flow)
    -Needed (It blacks out all the heroes on the grid that the team doesnt need. 2 support 2 carry 1 ganker default)

    Tab 3 and so on.

    I do not recommend putting any hero information on this portion of the Hero selection. The card icons are useful and efficient in clearing up clutter on the main screen. Things pop out now everywhere on the internet with a simple hover of the finger or cursor. The icons give the impression that you should hover over them to reveal information.

    Suggesting Heroes
    I suggest this be more code then physical. Since every single idea will include a hero portrait and/or the cards display, the person who is going to suggest a hero, to lets say Pink, should be able to simply drag the selected hero to the top of the screen and drop it on the spot where pink's hero box with the selected choice would be. The suggested hero will be highlighted in the persons color who suggested it along with their hero card. I recommend the highlight be a faint glow. That way you can have clear multiple suggestions. It would hypothetically work like this:

    -Pink asks: What hero should i get
    -On Blue's screen he Left clicks on brewmasters portrait or card.
    -Blue proceeds to drag (Holding down the left click) his mouse to top of the screen where Pinks empty Hero box is located.
    -On Pinks screen all of a sudden there is a faint but clear glow around Brewmasters portrait icon. -Pink scrolls to and clicks brews portrait, which automaticly scrolls to brews card since the portait was clicked on, to read his skills and see's that there is also a blue glow around the card.
    -Pink See's that on the chat it says "(Inseart blues name in -blue) Has suggested Brewmaster" so he clearly knows it's a suggestion.
    -Pink now see's that Riki has a faint green glow around it but Pink knows green is noob so Pink ignores green.

    Attention! People are enjoying this idea but dont seem to have the highest hope that valve will listen. We need to work as a community to spread the word. Posts in other forms linking back to this! (Like linking to this specific page).. Emails to GabeN and all the popper people! If we sent him 100 links to the same page, i'm sure he'd bring it up in a meeting or at least forward and email to someone
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    wow this is great.
    i really like the concept of showing your team starting positions.
    combining the card carousel and grid view is a great idea.
    i'd like to see this hero picker in the game.
    (Y) nice photoshop!

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    Awesome idea.
    I love the starting positions want the old grid back anyway.
    Only the card carusel is still useless for me but there might be some player who want to keep it. I dont care having it above the original grid so this looks like a perfect solution I didnt even dream of =)
    Thx for the effort and hopefully valve will notice it.

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    The more information output, the more easier it is to understand. It pushes them to actually think about the scenarios beforehand. To be noted, CM games are often won based on the picks.

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    Nice. Great use of space.

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    I would have to say this is rather impressive. Grid/Cards aside, whatever they decide to do with that, I would love the Battlefield Tab to be added. ....This way I can drag the icon for all the Russians to the Fountain where they should park it...

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    This is amazing. Now if someone over at valve could just restrain their dignity and use this.

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    +1 ... keeps the "cards" and brings back the old interface. Looks amazing, great job.

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    I support this, LOVE the idea of the position choosing.

    As you say, is only a photoshop (a decent one ), but it has all the important things. Tbh, I would be happy with the current picker PROVIDED it had more grid view support, i.e. being able to use it pretty much exclusively and being able to see team picks in it, but adding in bits from this would be great.

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    +1 !
    Maverick Hunter.

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