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Thread: [Come Vote]This is the best HERO PICKER EVER

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    Feb 2012
    1912 x 1168 pixels. Nice one. Now show me your "best HERO PICKER EVER" in 800x600.
    Sorry for my bad English.

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    Hell I voted before I read the thread, and thought you were talking about the picker that we have now.
    Please move one "No it's not good" to "Not the best".

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    It's not like, "OMFG ITS AWESOME" but so far, this one is my favourite for sure. About the 800x600 res. i think it could fit if the hero's icons are reduced a bit? idk.. perhaps reducing the width of the chat section too, i think it can be done without too much problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flm404 View Post
    1912 x 1168 pixels. Nice one. Now show me your "best HERO PICKER EVER" in 800x600.
    There is some space that could be cut out and then resize the cards and icons.Just pretty much the same they did with last one when changing from 1920x1080 to 800x600

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    This is my favorite one so far. Unfortunately, like others have said, there are going to be problems scaling it to 4:3 aspect ratio. If someone manages to do this then it will be complete!

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    I voted that its good, not the best. Simply because I believe the original hero picker is still best (so far).

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    a lot of you guys dont understand valve will not keep something that isnt related to game play balance if the community dislikes it. they will change it until the community likes it no matter how much effort was put into the previous one if it turns out to be no good then its no good and valve will not ship a product that is not up to there standards or there community's standards

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    If this incorporated the hero icons (those artistic portrait icons) for the grid mode instead of the overlapping cards, I would say this is the best.

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    I meant to vote "Yes this is the best." lol

    This is the perfect combo of the card system and the old grid system.

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    This suggestion is the best suggestion SO FAR. When does Dota 2 test client updates? Tonight or tomorrow? I'm looking forward to see if Valve will address our current problems.

    Anyway, +1 I like it. Props to the creator.

    Edit: While we are at it, let's also give these cards colors:

    /shameless advertising my suggestion in the process. xD
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