My biggest issue with the card grid layout is that some heroes (the ones not at the bottom) are partially covered up by others. It makes it harder to scan through the heroes to look for one to play. Its good if you know who you want to play as but i really liked how in the old system i could just look at the entire grid and see all the heroes, and if my eyes caught one i wanted to pick that fit my teams picks id grab it. Now i feel like it draws your eyes to the cards in the foreground and forces you to actively scan the entire grid one by one to see all the heroes. I think this layout would be perfect if that slight change was made. P.S. I do want to keep the card in the middle as it does give alot of information about the various strengths of each hero (rather than the old system which classified heroes into one of a few categories which worked very poorly for versatile heroes (e.g. leshrac)