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Thread: (suggestion) role awareness

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    (suggestion) role awareness

    What i am suggesting is that if we want to learn to play dota 2 from the bots (if you are trying to that is) then how are we supposed to play our role? for example bots never call for ganks or wards or anything really they do it all for you. so maybe we should have it to where bots would ask for stuff depending on your role example:

    Juggernaut: Need gank bot!
    TideHunter: Need wards at River!

    and then maybe some new commands that you can type asking for stuff instead of waiting for bots example:

    Sven(me): Need gank Top!
    Vengeful Spirit: ganking top!

    Sven(me): Need wards in Dire Jungle!
    Crystal Maiden: Warding Dire Jungle!

    The bots are great so far but they still have issues with pushing towers, teamfights, and roshan

    what do you guys think?

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    Bot command (even for "easy" tasks like choosing lanes) has already been asked a bunch of times.

    Instead of issuing commands by typing (thats a Dota1 classic because of engine limitations), I'd say some kind of radial "command mode" should be easier to learn and faster to issue (ex. mid-click on a bot, it's portrait, map/minimap) to open a small radial menu around with icons showing options so you simply click, move the mouse cursor towards the radial options, then c˝ick on the wanted option.

    For example, some ideas:

    Clicking on allied bot or bot portrait
    -> LANE (road icon) -> TOP/MID/BOTTOM (three roads with a green arrow in the chosen lane, pointing towards that lane direction)
    -> BEHAVIOR (brain icon) -> CARRY/GANK/INITIATOR/SUPPORT/JUNGLE (a pile of shiny weapons and armor/a bloodied dagger/a 5 unit formation with a colored spearhead in front/a pram or stroller/some trees and a pond)

    Clicking on an allied structure:
    -> DEFEND (shield icon)
    -> ALL-OUT DEFENSE (a wall/fortress icon)
    -> DENY (a green sword with a broken tower)

    Clicking on an enemy tower:
    -> PUSH (a ram)
    -> LANE PUSH (a big siege machine)

    Clicking on an enemy hero/icon
    -> ATTACK (a bloodied sword)
    -> DISABLE (a "stunned" frog/sheep)
    -> FOCUS (a red unit surrounded by 5 green units)

    Clicking on the map or minimap:
    -> WARD (a ward icon)

    Clicking on Roshan or its minimap icon
    -> WARD (An Aegis of the Immortal with a ward sticking out of it)
    -> ATTACK (An Aegis of the immortal with a sword sticked in)

    .. and so on.

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    Issuing commands by typing isn't the worst idea. You'll end up having to type out your requests to teammates anyway, unless you're using a mic. Could figure out some sort of key word system, where it looks for key words like "Ward" and "Gank". if you type "im going to gank sven", it should pick up "Gank" and "Sven", and ready for a gank.

    But the radial menu is a very good idea. So much more acessible to new players, trying to learn the ropes.

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