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Thread: Private Lobbies Not Loading \ Spectator Bug

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    Private Lobbies Not Loading \ Spectator Bug

    First off, I don't know if this is supposed to go here or technical issues, so just move it if necessary.
    Secondly, this may actually be intentional, but it seems really inconvenient and should have at least a partial fix to it

    In private lobby games, the game won't start unless absolutely everyone who was in the lobby room when you pressed start game has loaded into the game, and this includes spectators. I create and play in a lot of inhouses with friends and sometimes random people off forums and so it becomes quite a big problem when we get 10 people to play and then 5-10 spectators on top of that, only to end up having to remake it over and over.

    Repro Steps:
    1) Get a full lobby of people ready to play in a private lobby
    2) Have a few spectators join out of interest
    3) Start the game
    4) Wait for the people who are playing to load
    5) Have one of the spectators leave the game \ disconnect

    The loading timer will go down all the way from 2 minutes while everyone is already loaded, until it hits 0 and sends you back to the lobby screen.

    Expected Result:
    It should be so that if some random spectator leaves the game could just start without him, and give him the option to reconnect later.

    So yeah that's about it, I know this is probably designed more towards making private lobbies for pro games but for smaller private lobbies with friends and such it's a very big problem to have to remake like this, especially if someone decides to grief by just joining the unassigned list and then just constantly leave so you can never get a game going.

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    It's been over a day, I'm bumping this to see if anyone at least can tell me if it's intentional

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    Please Respond

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    it's not exactly gameplay bug, but i agree its annoying when u cant kick unassigned players from lobby and cant start game because of them

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