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Thread: Possible new line for Kunkka and other heroes

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    Possible new line for Kunkka and other heroes

    As was first mentioned on Twitter, Reddit really liked the idea of Kunkka saying something along the lines of "Time to serve up some fish 'n crits!" when he purchases Crystalys.

    The same Twitter poster also came up with a pretty decent Armlet line, which would be "You can't make an Armlet without cracking a few legs."

    It seems to me that both fit pretty well with the punny nature of Valve.

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    Whatever they are - Kunkka desperately needs more voice lines. Some for thanking, some for other things, some for hero-hero interaction.

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    ^Thanking, rivaly and misscall lines surely will come, because they planned to give them to every hero. While they're doing that they also add some other lines.
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