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  • OLD 100% - Strongly OLD

    127 19.97%
  • OLD 50% - More like OLD

    113 17.77%
  • NEUTRAL 0% - No difference to me

    51 8.02%
  • NEW 50% - More like NEW

    150 23.58%
  • NEW 100% - Strongly NEW

    195 30.66%
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Thread: -=[POLL]=- Unofficial - DASHBOARD : OLD OR NEW?

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    Basic Member chrisfrh's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    50% OLD. (and 50% new, though could vote just on one)
    New HUD is fine. Just make it better for eyes the widescreen mode

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    I prefer the NEW model. I actually spend time reading it.
    With the OLD one - Just a picture? Mm OK great. That's it.

    With the NEW model - it actually looks pretty good in column format

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    Basic Member Evol's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    I like the new layout mostly because of possibility to look at the blog inside the game.

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    Dec 2011
    Zamboanga, PH
    While I really don't like the new hero picker, I really like the new dashboard except that the heroes on the Learn tab uses the fugly and dark hero portaits.

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    This poll questioning is retarded.

    OLD 50% - More like OLD and NEW 50% - More like NEW are essentially the exact same thing worded differently.

    Delete this thread please

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    Basic Member Nemozini's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    I voted strongly new 100%. <3 new dashboard!

    @Zacharybinx34 .. agree
    and if I happen to hate it. doesn't mean I want the old one either (for poll options 1 or 2)

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    Basic Member mr_9sky's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacharybinx34 View Post
    This poll questioning is retarded.

    OLD 50% - More like OLD and NEW 50% - More like NEW are essentially the exact same thing worded differently.
    Zarcharybinx, yes I agree it is a little retarded with the '50%' s LOL. Maybe I should have rephrased the options better. Maybe remove the percentage values.

    But the options remain More like OLD and More like New.
    I am sure dota2 forum members are smart enough to know the difference.
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    i like the old 1 better but why dont they just make a option so you can chose how you wanted to look half want it old version half want new version so give the best of both worlds
    i understand why some like the new one bun many still like the old one bether so its nice to have the option i say

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    Dec 2011
    More like new, 50%
    The old design was nice, but the new one gives it a cleaner look.

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    May 2012
    Vote : More like old.

    The old one should have changed, but not so much, it was fast and easy to look around, the new one is confusing.

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