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Thread: [Suggestion] Display Reliable and Unreliable gold Separately

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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Display Reliable and Unreliable gold Separately

    I know that there is a mouseover tooltip to get a more detailed account of what you own, but I'd like to have my reliable and unreliable gold displayed separately at all times. I need to get in the habbit of leaving a reserve for buy backs and this would help a lot. It would also be useful when you know you're about to die and you want to buy something to use up the unreliable gold, but not so much as to eat into your reliable.

    I made a graphical example in MS Paint just to give you an idea of how it might look. I am not insisting that it look exactly like this, of course.


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    Fix your image

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    More like add, think the first one is m missing completely.

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    The link to the image is here:

    And I agree that it's long overdue that Reliable and Unreliable gold be displayed separately at all times. It really is. And with the new UI I would've thought Valve would include the gold separation but they didn't =/

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