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Thread: Proper links to proper modeling tools

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    Proper links to proper modeling tools

    Currently the steam workshop states "upload your work" (or something similar). I had to search in some team fortress wiki's to find a few hints about what programs to use.
    it would be much more accessable, if those programs were to be linked somewhere steam workshop related too. or is this an issue of licencing/adverticing?
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    I to am interested in detail about how to make stuff for the store.

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    Look up item creation for TF2 and you will get an idea of how it is done for dota2. Until valve release some documentation, you will not have a clear answer.

    Modeling software is ALWAYS bring your own. You can use any modeling package available to create the models themselves. Texturing can be done in any image editor. When we get an updated test environment you will be able to bring your creations into the test server (or host your own) and take in-game screenshots.

    Modeling and texturing are not easy (goes without saying) so I guess before you jump into creating items for dota 2, you need to learn how to model within a 3D program.

    I use XSI for modeling, UVLayout for easy UV's, and photoshop for texturing. Zbrush is my sculpting tool of choice. Everybody's workflow will vary though.

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