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Thread: My opinion on the Dota 2 Workshop

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    My opinion on the Dota 2 Workshop

    I started writing this here, but it turned out to be a big post. I'd like to read your opinions too, and see if they're the same as mine.

    What do you want to see from the DOTA workshop?

    In honesty, what are you expecting from the workshop? Any particular item ideas that you think would be cool? What about couriers or voice packs? Maybe reskins of the standard map, like a winter version? It should be interesting to see what people want.
    First of all, sorry for any English mistakes. It is not my first language.

    About wearable items:
    I really think people should try to make stuff fitting to the lore & character. Seriously, look at pirate Tidehunter and "cowboy" Ursa. They look funny, sure, but do we want Dota 2 to become a comic game full of stupid hats (*cough* TF2 *cough*)? I'm not speaking for everyone here, but from what I've read in the forums most people share the same opinion as me. Those who don't, don't care at all. Luckly I've found only a handful of items that look that silly, and I hope that the community will reject them.

    About couriers:
    Now, about THOSE. Default courier is a freaking donkey, and the upgraded one... a flying donkey. WC3 DotA courier could be changed to a lot of different stuff, from a chicken to a mini-Pudge. So I believe that the courier IS meant to be a comic thing from the start. I won't mind if people come up with some pretty crazy couriers.

    About voice packs:
    I... don't have an opinion about it yet. I mean, this would have to be REALLY well made to be accepted. I can't say anything about this yet though.

    About changing the theme of the map:
    Sure, why not? I myself have already patched WC3 so that I could change the DotA map theme. Winter, beach, the Barrens... it all provided a nice change. But only I could see the changes - other people would still see their default map terrain. If this gets implemented in the Workshop, I believe (or at least I hope) that it will work in that way - only you would be able to see the land the way you chose.

    And I just read about different maps/modes:
    Hm, yeah. I think it could work. Pudge Wars, Mirana Wars, DotA OMG, etc. I think if people are given the tools to, those would be the first maps/modes to be ported. Of course, this should only be given a thought after the game is release and stable. It's funny to think about it - what if someone released a map/mode inside Dota 2, and it turned out to be so popular it could spawn its own genre of game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by portland View Post
    Wait, you bitch about cosmetics in your thread THEN agree with a thread that says cosmetics are fine except for a few handful?

    My my, you are enigmatic.

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    +1, great thread

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