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Thread: [Confirmed] item icons gets stuck at screen

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    Ingame, Icon of an item Stuck on mouse and break shop

    Hi at 09/05/2015 I encountered a bug.

    Buying items at the start of the game and I am not entirely sure, but I think I moved the mouse while pressing RMB on Slippers of Agility. An enlarged icon of the slippers got stuck to the mouse.

    After this, I tried to Reconnect which did nothing.
    I bought boots. and then when I tried to make Aquila which would consume the Slipper the shop broke.

    Buying made the icon stuck to the shop. At this point, none of the GUI buttons ( nor the shop nor the buttons in the top left corner) were responsive.

    At this point, I have "End Tasked" Data 2. And restarted it.

    After the full restart, everything went back to normal.

    Match ID: 1461215852
    Player: StAu
    The icon got stuck in the beginning. (does not show in replay)
    At min 4:30 the GUI breaks and the attempts to interact can be seen.
    At min 5:30 the game is restarted.

    Screenshot attached:
    2015-05-09_00001.jpg 2015-05-09_00002.jpg 2015-05-09_00003.jpg 2015-05-09_00004.jpg 2015-05-09_00005.jpg
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    This is one of the oldest bugs in existence you have stumbled upon. They have managed to lower the occurrence of it happening though it still happens very rarely. I don't know if it will ever be fixed.
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