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Thread: [Confirmed] item icons gets stuck at screen

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    [Confirmed] item icons gets stuck at screen

    Happens very often. When you buy items at start, item gets STUCK on the mouse cursor, it follows you and you can't click on anything else.

    You have to restart DOTA. I did it 2 times in 3 games I played. Ally did it too.

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    Just got it when trying to buy a Tango, can confirm.

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    i got it as well, but only when I made a lobby with bots

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    item icons stucked at pointer

    if theres a sudden spike when u 1st buy an item.. it will get stuck
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    I'm having this issue as well, currently in a private bot game with a friend though he's fine. I just played a normal game before this and didn't have any issues.

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    got this

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    Yep, also got this.

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    pls fix this...
    loading takes too long then when reconnected game gets laggy

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    This just happened to me in a match playing as Lina. Tried to purchase tangoes and clarity at the beginning of the match. I tried to continue playing but the game became unbearable really fast. I couldn't use the mini-map to move around or change the camera. Also, I couldn't click on items in my inventory but I could select them with hot-keys. And probably most importantly clicking was on and off. Sometimes when I clicked to cast a spell, move, buy an item or anything else it would sometimes work and sometimes not work. You can see some screenshots I took on my screenshot page:

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    Yeah. I experienced this for few times too.
    I am not sure what is the cause, maybe when I tried to drag an item from shop then the item sticked at cursor.

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