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Thread: Strange Item Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by vam View Post
    i think those suggestions is gonna be ''achievements" ?
    or i miss understand it ?
    Strange items track stats. They are similar, if not identical, to the strange items in TF2.

    Enemies stunned.
    Chen and Enchantress: Creep abilities used.
    Skeleton King: Times respawned.
    Outworld Destroyer: Enemies imprisoned.
    Silencer: Intelligence stolen.

    Are there strange couriers? Gold worth of items delivered.
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    Kunkka: number of fail boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by vam View Post
    i think those suggestions is gonna be ''achievements" ?
    or i miss understand it ?
    Something like that. In TF2 the Strange weapons have the ability to record how many enemies have you killed with it, and there is also some items that can add more, different counters to that weapon. This would be the same thing.

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    Phantom Lancer: Total number of phantoms produced
    Phantom Lancer: Number of single target spells used by enemies on your phantoms (The number of times you fooled them that that was you)
    Phantom Lancer: Number of kills gained by phantoms' damage

    Bane: Total time of ult disabling.

    Invoker: Total Sun strike kills
    Invoker: Spells per minute (Could be, think about it :P)

    Naix: Total life stolen
    Naix: Total time spent in infest

    Riki: Total time remained unseen (Disables itself while user is in base or AFK)

    Silencer: Total INT stolen
    Silencer: Total duration of silence of any kind.

    I could keep going, but I gotta go study :P

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    Windrunner - # of 2 heroes succesfully shackled
    phantom assasin - # survived below 10% usinf dopple
    mirana - # of full 5 sec stuns by arrow
    puck - # of ethereal jaunt above 90% of distance travelled
    sniper - # of sniped heroes outside casting range
    void - # of kills done inside chronosphere
    krobelus - # of ghosts getting max heal possible returned to death prophet
    leshrac - # of towers killed using skills
    earthshaker and sand king - # of blinks
    antimage - # of blinks utilizing 90% of maximum range
    barathrum - # of heroes knockbacked while charging
    clinkz - total time under windwalk
    riki - total time revealed(not invi) after lv 6
    huskar - total time spent under 30% life
    batrider - # of trees destroyed

    all - # of denied heroes
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    Generally we've tried to make strange stats that everyone on your team is happy about. "Failboats" might not be good because it could encourage people to failboat intentionally. On the other hand, a stat that tracks how many people you've boated would encourage getting really good boats that hit the entire enemy team.

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    Juggernaut - Total time spinning
    Total number of omnislash bounces

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    They should all be things that just happen naturally and are pleasing when they do happen.

    Puck - Spells avoided by disjointing with Phase Shift or Ethereal Jaunt
    Pudge - Teammates saved by hook. (Counts when teammates are low life and being chased by an enemy hero)
    Tiny - Heroes killed by double avalanche combo.
    Gondar - Heroes killed in 1 hit from full HP.
    Tidehunter - Times you ravage 5 enemy heroes simultaneously.
    Tidehunter - Stuns or Disables dispelled by Kraken Shell.
    Earthshaker - Successful pins/blocks with Fissure.
    Earthshaker - Echo slam kills on Broodmother/Phantom Lancer/etc.
    Sven - Storm Hammers landed on 3+ heroes.
    Clockwerk - Long-range rocket kills.
    Ursa - Roshan kills.
    Pugna - Kills with Netherward.
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    Beastmaster (Clearing) - Number of trees destroyed by axes
    Dark Seer (No air, no life) - Number of trees destroyed by vacuum

    Lich (Chain reaction) - Average number of heroes affected by ultimate

    Queen of Pain (Argh, that feels good) - Total amount of damage taken as QoP

    Veno (Little helpers) - Number of wards placed
    Veno (Tower attacker) - Number of towers killed by wards
    Veno (Slowly but steady) - Poison damage dealt to enemy heroes
    Veno (A venomous one) - Number of times all five enemy heroes have been hit by ultimate

    Anti-Mage (Magic sucks!) - Amount of mana burned
    Anti-Mage - Amount of magic damage absorbed by passive
    Anti-Mage - Distance traveled with blink

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