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Thread: Strange Item Suggestions

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    Changed weapon into javelin.Inspired from skill 2 animation.

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    sry to post here but i just think there shd be a change in prices of healing salve (110> u can use all ur starting gold somehow if u r gonna. i mostly remain with 40 gold bcuz i bought a salve for 110 gold and not 100) and dust (180g is expensive! for 2dusts)

    and OFC we shd b able to buy DUST AND SENTRY not in pakcs of 2 but 1 meaning 1sentry=100gold and 1dust=90gold (if not geting any cheaper) the choice is up to US. we shd not be forced to buy these in packs bcuz they decided that it shd be so!

    i must also say that i play in normal skill braket so i dont see lots of smokes but 50 is kinda cheap when dust is 90g and sentry100g

    plz consider these. ty.

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