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Thread: Strange Item Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenMarine View Post
    Generally we've tried to make strange stats that everyone on your team is happy about. "Failboats" might not be good because it could encourage people to failboat intentionally. On the other hand, a stat that tracks how many people you've boated would encourage getting really good boats that hit the entire enemy team.
    But wouldnt this affect gameplay?

    I mean, it could also cause some players to choose not to use boat in certain situations which would benefit the team (e.g most important enemy carry), trying to save it for an occation where more enemy heroes (e.g 3 support heroes) are present... It is, of course, very situational, but still I believe in this example (and many similar examples) it can affect gameplay (in both directions).

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    How about with Unusual items? How i can obtain that's items?

    I hope moderators/Admins please make sticky this thread because useful and prevent make new thread similar like this..
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    Its very idiot to quit play dota 2/TF2 if only problem with comestic items

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    I have a sugestion for an item, Amulet of Greed which would add up all the money incoming from instances such as:
    -Midas gloves
    -Goblin's greed

    And so on. Only instances that give bonus gold though, death pact per example not.

    Complementary suggestion: Give the amulet a rank based on the gold harvested by the rules above.
    The amulet could then be exchanged for a random item by these levels:
    -A new amulet would be called Beggar's Amulet of Greed, can't be exchanged for any item.
    -When the 10k gold mark is reached the amulet becomes Crumble Eater's Amulet of Greed and can be exchanged by a random common item.
    -When the 30k gold mark is reached the amulet becomes Modest Saver's Amulet of Greed and can be exchanged by a random uncommon item.
    -When the 70k gold mark is reached the amulet becomes Creep Punisher's Amulet of Greed can be exchanged by a random rare item.
    -When the 150k gold mark is reached the amulet becomes King of the Jungle Amulet of Greed can be exchanged by a random mythical item.

    If you guys enjoy the suggestion I'll happily work more into it.

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    These strange counters must be counted only on public matching, just like win/loss stats! (just to be clearly obvious)

    Chen and Enchantress: Creep abilities used.
    +1, especially if used correctly. Or simply damage done by creeps.

    Chen: Number of heroes sent back to pool
    please no i think you can see an obvious problem.

    Are there strange couriers? Gold worth of items delivered.
    Num of different items delivered would be good enough.

    Pudge: number of well placed hooks
    long hooks would be better, like more than x units.

    - Dazzle: Num of heroes saved (when otherwise they would be dead; if dead by enemy heroes even better)

    - All: Num of aegis steal (when the other team kills roshan and you get the aegis)

    - All: Total vision provided. This requires good sentry positioning.

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    Item suggestion:
    Since there is going to be a "Play with a mentor" option, i suggest creating a "Student Belt" that can be customized with strange parts.

    This would help mentors since they could create a temporary item (eg. 5 games) which would track certain stats, like kills, assists, and any other suggestions the community suggests in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordz View Post
    Total number of omnislash bounces
    That is already implemented, my sword does that :3

    Total number of HP's healed by Jugs Ward.
    Total number of crits for heroes that can do them passively.
    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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    Alchemist: Numbers of Max duration Stuns used on enemies.
    Alchemist: Gold collected from Goblin's Greed.

    Lifestealer: Amount of HP allies healed from Open Wounds.

    Puck: Amount of spells avoided by Phaseshift.

    Silencer: Amount of Intelligence stolen.

    Bane: Duration enemies have been sleeping/are fiend's gripped.

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    Windrunner: Damage/attacks evaded by windrun.
    Windrunner: 2 for 1//3 for 1s for Power shot. *double or triple kills by power shot*

    Enchantress: Damaged healed by sprites.
    Enchantress: Enemies slowed by untouchable.

    Brewmaster: Enemies soaked (like Sniper's jarate) by drunken haze

    Tiny: Enemies stunned by passive

    Drow and Death Prophet: Heroes silenced (or 2+ more heroes silenced at once).

    Kunkka: Kills with Tidebringer (or damage total done)

    Supports: # of wards countered (destroyed)
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    Mirana: Number of landed arrows + average stun time (distance)

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    Tinker:how many times you cast rearm
    Bane:How many people you nightmared
    Weaver:Times you cast time lapse
    Ancient Apparition:How many kills you got with Ice Blast
    Syllabear: How many times you cast return or spawned spirit bear

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