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Thread: Strange Item Suggestions

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    Strange Item Suggestions

    Post here with your ideas for cool things strange items can track. Here's one from Reddit:

    - Tidehunter items measuring the distance they've been dragged.

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    - Nature's Prophet: Courier snipes (teleport behind enemy lines & teleport back) with Furion
    - Nature's Prophet: # of cut trees
    - Enigma: Amount of damage dealt in a combo (Midnight Pulse + Black Hole)
    - Enigma: # of successfull combos (pulse into blackhole, followed by malefice)
    - Dark Seer: Enemies trapped with Vacuum
    - Ursa: Deaths to Roshan
    - Ursa: Earliest Roshan in xx:xx
    - Kunkka: times crossed the fjord ehm... river
    - Kunkka: Distance sailed on the river
    - Axe: most deadly neutral (the neutral that killed you the most)
    - Axe: enemies killed on the last tick of Battle Hunger
    - Death Prophet: Furthest distance traveled by a ghost that killed a unit (or hero).
    - Huskar: most kills with < 15% hp, < 10% hp and < 5% hp at any point in fight
    - Huskar: Furthest distance traveled with Life Break
    - Morphling: Highest amount of strength morphed necessary for survival
    - Morphling: # of enemies shotgun'd
    - Enchantress/Chen: # of enemy units stolen
    - Rikimaru: # of times being revealed by sentries without noticing it (Caution: may cause paranoia in the long run)
    - Disruptor: # of heroes sent back after they teleported OR a greater distance than x.
    - Any hero with global damage spell (Spectre, Furion, etc.): Amount of daggers canceled via ultimate shortly before teamclash (Tidehunter, Crix, Earthshaker, etc.)

    Do those stats vanish after each game or how exactly does this work?
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    You could do that sort of measurement on quite a few heroes that have movement type abilities. QoP, AM, Void -> distance blinked, SpiritBreaker -> distance charged, etc.

    Dark Seer, number of illusions made by walls

    Lots of stat type ones like that are fairly obvious...

    Stranger one: Mouse courier, number of times team/owner has got Cheese
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    Ogre Magi: Number of times you acheive 4x Multicast

    Batrider: Distance of enemies dragged with lasso

    Pudge: number of well placed hooks

    Sniper: number of kills by headshot

    Puck: Damage evaded with Phase Shift

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    Enchantress: Distance Impetus spears thrown

    Is there anywhere I can see what strange counters are already in? The ones I know about are kills, victories, treants created and omnislash jumps.

    If it's not already in: Health healed for all heroes with a healing ability.

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    i think those suggestions is gonna be ''achievements" ?
    or i miss understand it ?
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    Axe: number of kills with cunning blow, also, everytime he kills a hero with his ult there will be a mark on the terrain floor showing where he did it.

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    Zeus: Number of kills by Thundergod's Wrath.
    Huskar: Amounts of HP lost due to the use of Burning Spear.
    Razor: Total amount of damage stolen by static link.
    Pudge: Number of failed hooks.

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    Chen: Number of heroes sent back to pool
    Pudge: Heroes hooked/missed hooks(hooked a creep or outright missed)
    Invoker: Number of sunstrikes that killed a hero.

    If any of these get in game I want a self-made kthxbai.

    I'm kiddingggggg.

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    Void: Total Damage avoided by backtrack

    Storm: Total distance traveled
    Storm: Longest distance traveled

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