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Thread: To all those crying about customization:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvine View Post
    A pirate hat on Tidehunter is really stretching it, and there's reason to complain express concern or displeasure. This is a suggestion forum and complaints or ideas should be expressed here. If Valve wanted to get positive feedback on everything they did these forums wouldn't exist. If anything your post is whining exclusively since it doesn't even contribute any thoughts about the game. It's simply your emotional opinion trying to defend Valve. Valve doesn't need your protection if you couldn't figure this out.

    A mechanical Broodmother is totally stupid and utterly forced into the game without any need to exist. If you can't think of 1,000 other better ideas before making a mechanical Broodmother then creative design isn't for you this lifetime so return back to the shovel. The same with that Alpine theme for Ursa and a few others. There's an infinite amount of GOOD ideas so why should we accept the stuff that's at the bottom of the barrel? Try adding more good stuff instead of picking the worse stuff you can grab out of the clown bin.

    They already proved they've got good artistic sense. We don't need clown gear when we can receive actually well designed customization like the juggernaut swords, couriers, and stuff which fits the characters. If you want to walk around in-game with clown shoes to the match real life then go for it in another game instead, please.
    People who are fine with what they are given are far less likely to speak up than people who are discontent. It's not protecting Valve, it's expressing my own opinions on the matter to show that there are people who would be fine with blademother (pirate tide and alpine ursa are stretching it for me, too, to be honest). The same as what everyone who is complaining about the new items are doing.

    The later parts of my post weren't towards anything I see in this thread (as I said before), but more against something like this:

    I didn't want to make a separate post to express my annoyance on such attitude, so I decided to include it in a post where it would be admittedly ineffective.

    Also, as I said. Opinions on what is acceptable for some item (blademother) is very divergent, even among those who reject others like pirate tide and alpine ursa. I won't argue for them any more, though, since I know that I am stretching it, but I think that cosmetic sets that create a completely different hero with a different set of lore (like blademother would have to) with the same functions as another is acceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konung View Post
    There is a difference between good cosmetic and ridicilous ones that ruin the dota 2 atmosphere.
    what's items in the shop out already are so ridulous? i'd like to know

    Quote Originally Posted by awes0meaxel View Post
    I present a quote made by user Banethulu in another thread, i couldn't have said it better myself.
    thanks, but I said that out of pure frustration, that guy (probably troll, he even got banned) was really pissing me off

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