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Thread: Lots of bugs with watched games

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    Lots of bugs with watched games

    When you watch a game the majority of the audio is missing, there are no spell sounds or attack sounds. The only sounds present are ambient and walking sounds. Abilities do not show up either, for example Earthshaker's fissure does not appear but the target gets stunned and most projectiles are missing too.

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    Live games feedback: Unwatchable. Can't see even auto hits, nor spell animations nor sound.
    What did you guys change there? they used to work perfectly...

    EDIT: its fixed now!! Ty guys, now i can buy The Defense ticket ;P
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    I dont know why but I still have that bug. Some skills have no animation: fissure, counter helix,... No amouncer sound, no voice,... Anyone know how to fix it?

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    same here,any fix on this?

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    same problem here oO

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