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Thread: [Suggestion] Make Northern edge fall off into an interesting vista.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FAQLixie View Post
    I personally like your idea and would like to see it implemented, but you're forgetting that these cosmetics would increase the toll on the system to the point where Valve would lose customers due to requirements.

    Only a survey that can accurately place players into groups can tell them if something like this would more harm than good. (Ex: low:15%; medium-low:20%; medium:20%; high:20%; very-high:25% - Just an idea to illustrate what i tried to say, nothing more).

    Sorry for my English,
    Nope, just make it such that I can turn it off in the settings.

    My computer probably can't run this, but I'd love to see this implemented anyway.

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    Top quality suggestion.

    Edit: I do think this should be in art feedback, though.
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