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Thread: Is the community getting worse?

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    believe it or not the report system DOES work, i recently got a massage that stated that an action has been taken against a player i reported in the past

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreivik View Post
    I strongly suspect a lot of them ARE actually in America. Per example, Florida has a very high percentage of Portuguese-only speakers... and it's in the US East bracket, which would explain a lot.
    To satiate my own curiosity, I check Steam profiles. So unless they're lying about where they live, they aren't American typically. I do get what you're describing occasionally, but most of the time it is from a player that doesn't live in the US.

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    community HoN move to DoTA 2, They are the worse community in any game

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    This makes me smile.

    Edit: Also, look at the chat behind it. YOU TELL ME THAT THE COMMUNITY IS BAD. LIARS.

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    They are using the game's bad reputation to justify their worst behavior. So when you ask why people just start flaming randomly some actually respond "It's DotA lol" "You must be new here, noob".
    I am afraid other players can't discourage them from doing it. We HAVE to report such behavior frequently so they see negative consequences for their action and VALVe has to implement systems to discourage such terrible behavior. VALVe are on the right track but jerks need to be reminded constantly that they are not welcome if they continue on their path.
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    Yes, it is getting worse, but unfortunately this happens everywhere.

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    Yeah and this trend is just going to continue as the LoL and HoN and the TF2 casuals find their way onto DotA for hats.

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