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Thread: Suggestion: Map control indicator

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    Suggestion: Map control indicator


    I posted an idea on about having a map control measurement implemented in dota2. This got some great comments and feedback so I figured I'd post it here as well.
    The idea is very basic, but maybe it's something that can be expanded on.

    I think that, considering the current metagame, mapcontrol is very important for the game. This isn't clearly depicted with the current gold and exp. graphs.
    Also, the casters usually forget to mention something as important as such.

    The idea of a map control graph based on vision / tower kills / time spent alive or dead / wards cleared, etcetera would be very hard to realise due to the variety of factors involved. So, maybe a grid with separate statistics could give the casters and viewers something more to play with. It also might give some more insight in what a team does to create map control. The idea of a 'heat map' was also suggested as a reply to my thread, so if this contributes to giving a clearer idea of who seems to be in control of the map, I'd support it.


    Original post:

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    SO basically a ball possession % could be nice to have

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    hmm do you mean for spectatores? just like the gpm/epm graphs? could be a nice addition.

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    Would be a really nice addition I think.

    Some thoughts what could be shown:
    -A big version of the minimap with an overlay that colors regions depending on control. Radiant's regions in green, Dire's regions in red and 'free' regions uncolored(or in grey).
    -An accompanying indicator showing some evaluation, who is more in control(maybe some kind of bar)
    -A graph showing how this indicator varied over time

    Thought on how to "calculate" control:
    -Discretize the map with a mesh of control-points
    -Control-points that can quickly be reached by heroes of a team are controled by this team:
    -> Area around heroes is controled
    -> Area around towers is controled because of TPs (maybe depending on how many heroes are carrying a TP?)
    -> If both teams claim some area, give control to the team with more heroes nearby(maybe some weighting depending on hero-strength)
    -> Maybe highlite area that is fought for: possible incoming fight
    -> Should factor in the vision of the team: No vision=no or lower control
    -Some lower amount of control-rating for area the team has vision of (maybe during the last 10-30 seconds)
    -> Creeps on the lanes give some control
    -> Wards give control
    -> More control if you have true sight(some base factor because of invis-rune and smokes, maybe higher influence if some heroes have invis)

    Some quick mockups:
    Control at the start of a game:
    Radiant T1 on bottom has fallen, Radiant ward at top rune, Someone farming on bottom, Dire ganking the farmer
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    @ viking, yes just for the spectators / casters, obviously

    @ lordzera, loving the ideas, someone at joindota mentioned a pushing bar to cater for either won or lost territory. If you gain ground with any sort of unit or ward, the bar pushes towards the opponent resulting in 55% versus 45% mapcontrol, for instance.
    It might still be tricky to actually realise this into the game, but as long as more statistics get recorded I'm happy :P With this I'm thinking wards placed or destroyed, time spent dead / alive. Things along those lines.

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