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Thread: Sorry, but the Grid View still sucks.

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    Sorry, but the Grid View still sucks.

    Hello everyone,
    This time I have photos so you can see why the picker is still bad. I'm not even going to talk about the carousel view 'cause it is just plain retarded.

    The New Grid View
    If you don't know yet, Valve has updated the Grid View so there aren't pop-up cards anymore and you can move the hero portraits around to your liking.
    However, the underlying problem has not been solved. The new portraits are bad and are harder to recognize compared to the old grid.

    I also want to point out that if you go into Captain's Mode right now, you will see the old grid. Keep that in mind for now as I will come back to this later.

    Let us compare the two pickers: The current grid layout and the captain's mode/classic grid layout.
    All screenshots were taken today with the steam snapshot key (F12) and no editing was done to either grid photo.

    Here is the current grid:

    And here is the classic grid, as seen in Captain's Mode:

    The majority of users on this forum dislike or hate the new hero picker.
    It must be because of these main differences, as found in the photos above:
    - It spans across the whole screen.
    - It was much easier to see the entire pool of heroes in one area (still organized) in the Classic Grid.
    - New grid hero portraits are unclear, dark, and generally do not look good.
    - All classic grid portraits were much clearer, brighter, and instantly recognizable and distinguishable.
    - The arrangement of the heroes is different. It used to be Radiant on the left side and Dire on the right side. Now it is Radiant on the top half and Dire on the bottom half.

    And don't say that these forums users aren't all the Dota 2 players. That is retarded. The sample size of one thousand, eight hundred and fifty two of us who voted on the hero picker actually DO represent the entire population of Dota 2 players. It's basic statistics.

    I am now going to make the comparison between the new grid and classic grid very simple.
    I have cropped photos of certain heroes' portraits that stood out to me. You will see both versions: That hero's new portrait and old portrait.
    I have not edited any of these photos. They are straight crops from the grid photos you see above, which were taken today.

    Sven: sven 1.jpgsven 2.jpg
    Why is Sven so dark and blurry? He looks 10x better and is much easier to recognize in his old portrait.

    Clockwerk: clock 1.jpgclock 2.jpg
    Again, the portrait is very dark. The only distinguishable feature is his blue eyes. Old portrait much better.

    Sniper: sniper 1.jpgsniper 2.jpg
    My friend said that Sniper's new portrait reminded her of Hannibal Lecter.

    Storm: storm 1.jpgstorm 2.jpg
    In the old portrait, I can actually see Storm's face and hat, with a good background. He now looks like a blue Mexican pedo in a sombrero.

    Prophet: prophet 1.jpgprophet 2.jpg
    Again, old portrait is much clearer.

    Rhasta: rhasta 1.jpgrhasta 2.jpg
    Old much better.

    Jakiro: jakiro 1.jpgjakiro 2.jpg
    Do I even need to comment on this one? The usage of space in the new portrait is horrible.

    Viper: viper 1.jpgviper 2.jpg
    Old portrait is better.

    Clearly, there is something wrong with all these photos and this was just an example. If you compare each hero, every single hero had a better portrait before.

    I want to return to my point that Captain's Mode still uses the old grid. Why do you think this is? Because it's way better.

    Try imposing the new grid on all the pro players in their Captain's Mode matches and then get their feedback on which grid is better. DreamHack would be a perfect place to test this out! You would see some frustrated drafters for sure. I guarantee that most of them will say the old grid is much better, not only in terms of clarity and usage of space but true efficiency and being able to see what is best for their team.

    With the old grid, you can clearly see all the heroes in a single, organized area of the screen.

    With the new grid, by default I am looking at carries in the middle of the screen. We humans are lazy. Human nature dictates that we will not gravitate too far from the middle for extended periods of time. The law of averages pretty much states that we're going to end up in the middle of the screen again. Eventually, you will get a game with four carries on your team. Have fun buddy =)

    Give us the option to use the same screen as in Captain's Mode and the Learn Tab. It would look something like this:

    Before you pick, it would look something like this:
    suggestion 1.jpg

    And after you pick, you could customize your hero:
    suggestion 2.jpg

    Giving us the option to switch to a hero picker like this would solve all the problems. No picker would be forced on anyone. You can choose what picker you want to use.

    Thank you for reading this.


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    I saw a lot of good hero picker suggestion but why Valve doesn't make it like but just allow us to customize layout.

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    i want the captains mode hero picker/learn tab hero picker back in ap mode, too. it has uncountable advantages compared to the recent one. maybe i should play -cm until we finally get the old picker back...

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    tbh the static hero portrait looked way better

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    The old heroes portraits are much better, we need the option for a smaller condensed version of the hero picker for those of us that don't want this dumb card system

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    Again, this thread sums up a lot of complaint about the new hero picker. I agree that the new hero picker sucks, my 3 main reasons:

    1. The icons are darker and harder to recognize now.
    2. The mouseover popout behavior of the card is annoying and not efficient.
    3. The loss of the heroes charac (attributes gains).

    This could easily be solved by reverting to the "old" CM style picker.

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    the old portraits look better and are smaller but still easily identifiable i disagree with having the hero picker in a small box in the middle i would much rather have the hero picker look like one on mcccelvs's thread specifically grid # 7 with swap and lane choosing functionality

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    I agree with this thread. They're dark and the cards look unfinished when you removed the borders. Also they are so big it's a pain to properly move the way I want it (Like the learn tab, with dire right side, Radiant left)

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    The only real difference - which makes all difference in the world, mr Freeman - is the one you pointed out about the old portrait being so much clearer, better looking and effective for their purpose. RIght now it gives you a headache just trying to survey everything. Having put so much time into the portraits that we know from the ingame menus as well as the learn tab, it makes no sense to just scrap all that progress for osmething much less polished.

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    Yeah I got no idea why they made it so freaking dark. In grid view it makes it a pain to make out the heroes. Isnt the new stuff supposed to make it easier and more intuitive? This is the opposite o.o include a third option if you MUST have these new system in place, just put in the old picker again.

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