The left box next to the hero portrait is empty right now. So my suggestion is that in this box there could be several important informations about the hero. For example movement speed, BAS, Attack range, damage reduction from armor and magic resistance. This could be made in way that there would be a pannel with this info for instance Damage reduction and with a key on your keyboard or with a mouse click on an small pointer on that pannel to swap information that is currently shown.

The right box could have your saved item builds depending on the hero you play atm. You could have more of them (support/nuke/gank build) and change them by clicking a keyboard hotkey. It would help out new people in game, because they could save good rated builds and in that way help them learn the game faster, and thus being better.

Or the right box could have hero tips notifications.

EDIT: moved to Hero HUd subforum.