Just a short suggestion. Having not played DoTA in many years and any knowledge I had going out the windows many years ago. Iím having real trouble navigating the shop quickly. I have a rough idea of what item I need to buy next but not knowing the names or the tab it is listed under makes it incredibly difficult to find it in a prompt manner.

What I suggest is a browser-esq tab which you can flick between: Favourites, history (items you previously bought when playing this hero and requirements (filter by stats, regen, effects etc)

So say I was playing a hero with a very low HP pool and looking for some health/armour items. I would click the requirements tab and tick the stats I was looking for and refresh the window on the right ordering by price.

Then when that round was over I could click the star next to it them to add it to favourites or had I forgotten it would be on the history tab next match.