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Thread: [Wrong] Blade Fury not damaging ethereal unit

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    [Wrong] Blade Fury not damaging ethereal unit

    summary : juggernaut's bladefury doesn't deal damage to ethereal unit

    repro :
    1. pick juggernaut
    2. made an enemy becomes ethereal (ethereal blade/banish/ghost scepter)
    3. attempt to damage them using Blade Fury

    actual result : ethereal'd enemy not damaged

    expected result : enemy is damaged (Blade Fury damage type magical)

    edited : for some reason i can't repro this on practice lobby, i'll update the post for information later
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    iirc, it's supposed to deal no damage, as that was the interaction as it was hard-coded in WC3. However, I've used Bladefury on decrepified units, and they seem to take normal damage (but not amplified). I've not tested.
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    someone can confirm?

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    it was fixed quite a long time ago in dota1
    and it's not bugged in dota2
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