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Thread: [Suggestion] Add watch button next to details button on recent games (tourneys)

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    [Suggestion] Add watch button next to details button on recent games (tourneys)

    When I go to the watch tab and select the defense, I get a nice list of tournament games that have been played recently. I basically have to close my eyes to hit "details", then click watch replay, wait for it to download, and then hit the watch button again.

    If there was a "watch" button next to the details button, it would neatly avoid this problem.

    I think that one of the major use cases for the tourney ticket is going to be watching replays with commentary on your schedule, rather than on the tourney schedule. We've seen with starcraft that people will buy a GOMTV subscription and only watch vods. It would be nice to have this considered in the UI.

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    This was also being discussed over on the DotA 2 subreddit and a user raised the valid point that there might be a need for dummy replays in the case of a Bo3/Bo5 that ends in the 2nd/4th game.

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    Support all the way.

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    Such a good change... Anti-spoiler +1

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    This is a nice idea. I like it.

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    Cannot agree more, they should possibly look into implementing some sort of tournament overview that doesn't spoil any results in other means. For another example of how the tournament view can spoil is that you can infer from newer games who is going through when knock-out competitions take place.

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    We're going to make the spoiler feature hide everything except the player names.

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    And how will 2 out of 3 games be approached? If there are 2 games where EG plays against Na'vi and Na'vi wins the first one then its clear Na'vi will win the second one aswell. Basicly spoiling the second game.

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    I guess right now there's no way to group best of x matches together? That'd be the first step to sensibly adding a null game that wasn't played, without it being too weird.
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