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Thread: [Suggestion] Vote for Mid Solo.

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    Angry [Suggestion] Vote for Mid Solo.

    So, i randomed QOP when everyone was yet to pick. So, i called Mid Solo TY.
    No one answered. So i thought they agreed. Bought Bottle and Courier cause i was happy they would let me mid.
    So i went mid solo and one of my teammate picked invoker and came mid as well.
    i said i am QOP i need mid more than a voker. our team had a riki who supported my cause.
    voker answered mid or feed. i will feed alot.
    so i reported him for IAA and went bot with a DK against a solo Rubick.

    we lost cause voker failed farm, and i was a weak qop. very frustating. ruins the game for one troll.

    so i was hoping to have a mid solo vote option after the PLAY button, and then whoever who doesnt win the vote will be penalised for being present in that lane for more than 2 mins.

    I can play these heroes all day long.

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    just throw the game yourself, no point trying arguing with retards.

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    1) QoP doesn't need Mid more than Invoker.
    2) You lost because you suck. Stop blaming your teammates.
    3) I sure as hell won't let someone Mid who is dumb enough to buy Bottle first (and a Courier on Top!! As mid!!), even if I previously agreed on it.

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    While it is good in theory...nobody will pay attention to it anyway.

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    Maybe we can vote that crystal maiden has to die everytime to safe that anti-mage. If she refuses, we punish her with a death.
    Also we vote that cm only buys wards. If she carries items worth more than 2000 gold at once, she is killed.

    Those noobs gotta learn the hard way

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