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Thread: Recommended item selection

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    Quote Originally Posted by bQttger View Post
    The community have always been an important part of Dota, and will most likely still be it when Dota2 is out. When talking about recommended builds, we should include hero guides.
    It would be awesome to read a guide and "download" it, then your recommended items and skill build would be implemented for the hero, and the guide you just read on the internet would be easy to follow.
    This way there can be some standard recommendations for the new player, but everyone is able to download new recommendations. To involve the community this way would be a win/win for all.

    For pro players it could be great to make your own too "recommendations" too, just to faster find the items you need. It might save you a few seconds from time to time, which can be precious.
    This idea is awesome. It would be great if guides made on the official forum/page could be "integrated" to the game, so as to modify not only the recommended items and skill builds, but also provide guidewriters templates to give hints and messages to players over the course of the game (for example, X event happens = display Y message).

    Staff of the page should supervise periodically those guides, spotlighting or recommending the best ones, etc.

    This would definitely help make the learning curve less steep.
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    customized "recommended items" would rock hard.
    its like a quickbuy-bar. and honestly, for a experienced player those recommended items are mostly crap.

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    maybe improve the recommended items system more smarter ... sometime you can't use certain build that Valve created ...
    sorry for my bad English ...

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