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Thread: Game menu/Death replay/other small suggestions

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    Game menu/Death replay/other small suggestions

    The game could have a small 5s video replay when you die if you click on the show me more button. It could be a nice edition to the game both for proffesionals and casual gamers.

    I would just reccomend that there is Time & Date in the Game menu screen. Maybe on the top right corner.

    The non crucial buidlings (NOT Ancient, barracks and towers) look a bit too similar to each other. There should be a little variation between them.

    Ancient lizzards and dragons creeps do not have their full name written in the portrait. It is missing the last part.

    There should be more diversity in trees and terrain in Dire area. I really like how Radiant area looks, so there should also be some small animals walking in Dire area, more types of trees, etc..

    Source engine is know of having good physics implemented, so my thought is to make Hero deaths correlate with last hits that kill them in a realistic physical way. (for example: Vengeful spirit uses magic missile that kills someone and he falls upon the impact, or Sniper uses assassinate on a fleeing hero which upon impact reacts accordingly) This could be implemented because of its REPLAY value (people could make really good videos with such feature). Also there should be option to turn it on/off because in competitive matches such feature isn't that important.

    When centaur neutral creep stuns there should be change on the terrain bellow him like in original dota, fissures etc., and also show dominated creeps manapool to allied heroes.

    Thrones/Roshan should have destruction/death animations. Not just vanish in a thin air.

    There were some hero trails on the terrain in DotA so i wonder will they also be implemented here.
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    I noticed foot steps don't occur in DotA2 as well, while this was never really important in wc3;DotA except with heroes such as terror blade who had foot steps that had a prolonged life span still having those foot tracts on all heroes would be nice little addition, example..

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