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Thread: [Question] Unlock?

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    [Question] Unlock?

    At the moment when an Allied hero completely disconnects you cannot sell their items. I know it's possible for people to return even after the 5 minutes are up but most of the time they are gone for good and thei hero is just draining your team's gold per second, tower gold and whatever items he was holding completely go to waste ~_~

    I know all games should have 0 leavers but its impossible to completely eliminate them, at least before 4v5 was doable with the extra money nya.

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    If I'm not mistaken I believe the original plan (or so it was advertised) was that people would either be replaced by bots, or replaced by a person from solo queue in the event of a leaver.
    I'm assuming that's why the character stays there usable.

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    Probably you are mistaken. If I were to be in the team with 4ppl, or team with 4ppl+bot i would choose the 1st one. Bots are stupid and will just feed other team.
    Anyway, after some1 leaves and 5 minutes pass, we should be able to unlock his hero and sell his items. Also, when some1 comes back after 5 minutes he will just feed - too big lvl difference and gold loss.

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    no he's right, it was said that people who had disconected could be replaced by people from the solo que. Obviously you'd be at a disadvantage but im sure they said they'd get some benefit from it. Like maybe if they couldnt get a loss from it but if they won then that would count.

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