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Thread: Lunas voice is horrific

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    I cringe when she says "on the hunt"

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    it is perfect the way it is, both voice and model.

    the only thing needs changing imho is her icons (wich going to happen anyway)

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    ^ Said it all.
    -1 @ thread.

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    I love her voice!

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    Its like the Irish accent in a badly researched film that's filled references to leprechauns and drunkin locals.
    Its horrible and not accurate in anyway , part of the reason I skip playing her.

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    best voice in game

    (or one of the best...)
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    Looks like Luna's voice is a typical case of 'Either you love it, or hate it'. Either way, this thread isn't really going anywhere, and I very much doubt it has any value left at this point. Closing this.
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