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Thread: [Script] Hold Button [H] = Stop Completely

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    hud too big riot nerf plz

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    This seems imperfect. If you press H, then right-click, then release H, auto-attack doesn't seem to be turned back on.

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    Nice but I have the problem that when I hold the key sometimes the heroe changes his target. How can I fix that ?

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    The script doesn't do anything for me... My mistake or the code doesn't work anymore?

    Edit: The problem was that my autoexec was not auto executed (lol).
    Anyway, looks like the script has to be executed manually again for each game that's started. Is there a way to make it automated?

    Edit 2: Actually it was auto executed on game startup, but the game was overwriting it with default bindings each time when entering a game so I had to change ingame bindings
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