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Thread: Opinions about the new learn tab.

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    I'm not very friendly of everything being browser based

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    Agreed, I hate those browser-based things. It's like VALVe is too lazy to do it properly in-game.

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    To summarize: since the introduction of new main menu UI every UI change is more bad then good, except probably in-game HUD. I wonder when devs will realize this, as we still have that weird hero-picker.

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    It's soooooo slow.
    Srsly, if im in game, and I wanna quick check oponents big ults cooldown (as i can't click them on upper hero row ), You want me to wait 5-15s for this page to load hero data? Plus I have no way to quickly navigate to ultimate - that's not an improvement at all. I'd rather go wiki, as my firefox can launch it and navigate there, before Heroes tab will refresh.

    Perhaps You all got only i7 with ssd and 1gbit internet, but not everyone has that. (Same as with patches - if new dota patch starts while in the game, many players drops fps, mostly because of intensive disk io, is it that hard to download but not allocate another 4gb diskspace (on sometimes really fragmented partitions) unless idle? some still got hdds you know)

    You wanna make browser based - fine, but do local disk cache for everything what's not dynamic (videos/guides), preload with starting (as soon as dota is responsive not earlier), and optimize so it can't be recognized as remote.
    You're already on of the fastest webengine - give me one reason for static data (heroes/items/portraits/skills description) Learn Tab to load longer then 0,5s ? Only future guides/videos should be fetched, but You can async that and You know it so please do.

    I'm kind of disappointed with quality of few last updates, bringing that much new stuff makes issues appear soo frequently (chat bug, selection box bug, mute bug, crashes and slowdowns...) makes me wonder should some updates stay longer in Test, instead of being pushed to main.
    I know they will be fixed, but geez

    It's not like I'm hater - but it's the same issue over and over again - it's not like people hated new grid view heropicker (ok, some did) - they hated transition from polished intuitive and responsive system, to some new, not exactly easier, not exactly faster, not exactly better looking (previous learn tab icons vs new grid ones images (dark, blurry, not easy to identify).
    Audio codec - yes! everyone was complaining about that, but couldn't Learn Tab really wait 1 week?

    Oh and DO NOT download Learn Tab->Items icons data from the web, but take them instantly from internal data plz.

    // as a side not, since i'm already in the mood - I REALLY miss big hero pictures from previous dashboard - didn't like all of them, but everytime I launched dota, and saw that beautiful Treant art taking big chunk of screen it made me happy. it was almost the same feeling as dota1 loading screen. (It would me make even happier if it would have been bigger, not those small ones as we have now)

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    +131231321321321 its slow and very unresponsive. Just add the damn files to the game, why does it have to be so darn slow.. Its quicker to alt-tab and open a real guide/hero information from my Google Chrome browser (in game browser is so slow)...

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    I'd suggest:
    - Put a box or a section to show hero portrait and spells when a hero or item is clicked which is in the same page as all the items/heros like the old learn tab for heros ingame was, would make it so we can quickly switch between items and not much loading time needed
    - put an option for advanced info in that box so that people can go the individual page for the hero/item if they want to see videos on spells/ advanced guides etc
    - either make the game auto keep a save of each page thats loaded ingame so that u don't need to load every page from scratch everytime or just keep a save all of the latest versions of the webstuff ingame by default so that way you can even view it in offline mode and it wont take forever to load.

    obviously other option is just to have separate in-game and web based learn tabs but that obviously requires more work from the devs.
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    I also miss the animated portraits and voices on the learn tab

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    Personally, I have mixed feelings.

    On one hand I dislike the new LEARN tab, because it lost its compact & lively nature: a day ago no scrolling was required, and heroes would talk to me... it was just cool! Today, I have to scroll down to figure out what the Ultimate does and YouTube videos occupy half of the tab. I feel like browsing Dota2Wiki or PlayDota.

    On the other hand I like it because it shows all the information I can think of. Hell it even displays projectile speed.

    Overall, I think it's a step in the right direction (showing more hero information), but via the wrong means (web-based application as opposed to in-game menus). In my opinion, Valve is not supposed to "compete" with web-based fan sites, it's supposed to promote them and their community.
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    I think the Webfiles should be kept local, and Valve should use something similar to the item schema to let the client know when a page is updated and that it should redownload it upon viewing it again or the client being idle, and include the week to week changes to the files in the patches. The main hero and item pages should load up near instant, not take a few seconds to reload each time.

    What I would really like is if in game, it showed the old version of the learn tab, and had a "see more" link to show the online heropedia that gives a in depth breakdown of the spells. The benefit of the old one was that it allowed quick looking over of information, the new one is far too slow.
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    Valve should move AWAY from browser based in game functionality in general. The new learn tab is wonky, slow, and tedious to read. There is no reason to place everything in such an ODD styled ordering when it was perfectly fine the way it was before. Keep the tab for items, but make that actually FUNCTION ABLE before you put it in please.


    Keep the item learn tab part, go back to the previous learn tab, STOP USING BROWSER BASED CRAP!

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