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Thread: Dota 2 causing: Blue Screen, Computer Restarts, Game crash, Game + Steam Crash

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    Hm, So Strange Situations ))
    Few Things why Strange:
    1. All Reported BSOD's from different systems and different OS'es
    2. Many BSOD's Reports Only for Dota 2, in other Games, Software (3D Max, other) BSOD's wont happend
    3. So Many BSOD's After Win Streak 5-7+ Games At Row unlike lose Streak, so strange

    On my PC i turn off Automatic Reboot, and wait for dump, but after restart, Application Crash report for this Application is CLEAN!!! (MSInfo32)
    Conclusion: I think this is Steam or Dota 2 Application Make It Forcibly.

    Cheers Guys.

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    So you found a problem and also solve it in the same post. That's what I call strange in these forums

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    I've been having this problem for almost 1 year now. I either get Mem error or driver irql equal blah blah. Only when I play dota... I can fill( *edit* full)render video software (after effects, premeir, 3dmax) and it won't happen.

    I've searched the ever nook and cranny on the web. Been on toms hardware countless times. Ran ever test imaginable. Formatted my computer 10+ times. The debs keep saying its driver errors or memory. But when I ran my Mem test it is perfect for various instances. All my drivers are updated. I think this is some coding error with some of the new dota patch with older CPUs and graphics cards. I can no longer play dota on that pc. No one cares to look into it or find the issues because no one cares. Thanks Volvo.

    Anyways here are some tips that might help.
    Get Msi after Burning and try overlocking it just a tad or underclocking your card. For some reason it helped me play for 1 week without bsod but then crashes....

    Make sure you have updated chipset drivers. Don't go by what your driver disk gives you or what the site tells you to download. I was downloading the drivers from asus and they were giving me old chipset drivers from 2010. I then manually search for p45 chipset drivers and got 2013 version from Intel.

    Get all your framenet updates and make sure your windows is completely updated.

    There are things I've done to help me. I would go periods where I felt I fixed it (3 weeks) but the bsods would still come back. It's a coding issue no one wants to fix because I feel it only happens on older systems.

    Q9300 Intel core 2 duo
    9800 gtx+ ( yes I have latest drivers)
    16 gb crucial ddr3 ( brand new, compatible and memtest tested for 40 instances)
    Asus p5q3
    Corsair power supply 800w( sometimes psu can cause blue screen, not my case, psu has more than enough power and is in good condition )
    Older computer but has more power than the shit i3 I play dota on now... Needless to say it doesn't crash on that garbage pc.....Shit support for some of us senior gamers on volvo's end.
    Newer isn't always betters.....

    Sorry for grammar errors in advanced. Writing on phone.
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