Listen to the game on decent headhpones or good speakers (TBH it doesn't require anything close to that, even) and you'll realize that the sound quality is rather crappy. It's an issue with many games, tends to be the overly compressed sounds and whatnot that get in the way of things. It could be optionally offered like the HD-resolution pack for skyrim, I personally don't have datacaps or anything and rather fast net, and the storage wouldn't be an issue, really. I believe that there are many people who'd be willing to have this option.

I presume that you at least started with higher quality recordings, and still have those in stock. Can we have an option to download these higher quality sound packs? Or at least adjust our own sounds in the background.

It wouldn't go against anyone else, as it would be completely optional, still possess the same actual content as everyone else who uses the lower quality sounds. All we would get is MP4 or whatever instead of this low bitrate MP3, which especially brings unpleasant experience to my ears on certain sounds.