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Thread: Wisp Gameplay in general buggy?

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    Wisp Gameplay in general buggy?

    First game as wisp, somehow managed to do good as a pub wisp XD but besides that, anyone feel like just in general wisp gameplay feels buggy? Like there were a few times in my game where tether just broke suddenly when i was trying to tele and ally with me, especially overcharge it felt very very clunky to use sometime it wouldnt activate when i wanted/ it wouldnt turn off when i wanted. Aside from that i think its alright...

    gaurdian spirits needs to be moved closer to him when its close, unless it hits things right next to him anyways it just looks a bit too far away.

    Anyone else having issues with wisp? or was this just random bad luck or growing pains coming from Dota

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    Please use the Brainstorming section for such discussion. The main section is only for confirmed bugs. I've moved the thread.
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    Before posting new bugs:
    -Check the Known Bugs List and search the forum for an existing report.
    -Make sure its a bug (test in WC3 Dota, visit playdota guides and adv. mech, etc). If you're still not sure, post in Mechanics and Gameplay Bug Brainstorming instead.
    -Read the Bug Posting Guidelines on how to report a bug properly.

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    I felt strange while playing him too. 1-2 times I was expecting to be relocated and didn't, once I tried to break the tether but it didn't work...

    But these are just impressions, nothing verified. And I was sleepy too
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