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Thread: Invoker - legacy keys bug

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    Invoker - legacy keys bug

    Sometimes, when your invoke is level 2 or more, the legacy keys of your skills gets bugged. I remember having tornado and alacrity ready to cast, and even when the hotkey in each skill picture were right (tornado said X; alacrity said Z) when I pressed X it would cast alacrity, and Z would cast tornado. It happened alot of times to me and again recently, now I saved the replay ( 22657836 ) at 12:45 in the replay time (top right) I try to cast a sunstrike having cold snap and sunstrike ready to cast. but when I press T (sunstrike hotkey) the coldsnap was the skill used, and i have to manually click on sunstrike to use it. This can only be fixed using your ultimate again to change the order of your skills. It's a really strange bug, but happened like over 10 times to me. I asked alot of people and it seems like it never happened to them, so I am guessing this could be related to the high lag as I usually play on 200ms or more.

    1) get this bug
    2) try to cast anything

    your invoked skills' hotkeys will be inverted, no matter which skills u invoked (this happens with the 10 invokable skills, not with orbs/ult)

    cast alacrity with Z; tornado with X; cold snap with Y; sunstrike with T; etcetcetc.

    it happened in this replay as i said before: 22657836 @ 12:45 in the replay time: I try to cast sunstrike for over 5 seconds (even using my ult trying to fix this bug) and finally have to manually cast it, but it was too late. hope u can fix it, thanks!

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    moved to settings.

    would be nice though, if you could update your thread with an actual reproduction.
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