In D2 when you fog an enemy, he goes to your last seen location, instead of stopping if no other actions are ordered as was the case in D1.

This video (not by me) shows it well :

I know it is probably intended, as it is an improvement in IA and doesnt lead to movement that would be impossible manually. But it makes following way easier (you literally need one click as long as you dont get fogged too badly) therefore making juking harder. Since i think the creativity juking allows is a big part of dota's fun, i find it detrimental to the game in the end.

So, what is preferrable ?:
1) this simpler "following mechanics" which makes the game more accessible and less frustrating to newcomers (i.e your hero will follow the enemy if he goes uphill without requiring you to order a move action) and allows you to achieve same efficiency with lower APM
2) dota 1 mechanics which gives you more room to juke.

To be considered is that this D2 mechanics can affect high level play because it can allow you to land a hit instantly even if the enemy fogs you a 2nd time (0:47 and 0:49 in the video) something beyond human reflexes. Arguably in the case of the video you could achieve the same effect by A-moving, but remember that in a real game there might be other enemy units in range preventing you from A-moving and hitting the right target.

I think it is obvious that option 2 is preferrable to me, but please discuss.
Hope this was clear