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Thread: Severe Packet Loss - Only in Dota 2 since Luna/Wisp Update

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    Severe Packet Loss - Only in Dota 2 since Luna/Wisp Update

    I have been having severe latency and packet loss problems within dota 2 (makes the game basically unplayable - lost each game its happened in). I have done multiple ping tests within command prompt to identify whether it's my connection or what have you. I have zero packet loss to multiple DNS servers, gateways, google, yahoo, aol and many other sites. I don't have any ping/packetloss issues in any other game I have played nor in tf2 which I've also been playing. In dota 2 it happens pretty regularly and only since the Luna/Wisp patch.

    Is there something wrong with the servers? I seem to be the only one experiencing problems in game when it happens.

    When I don't seem to be having any issues the in game chat command (-ping) gives me a ping time of 33 ms and 0% packet loss. However when I notice I'm having problems (feels like it's just skipping the commands i'm giving it like they're not being read at all or correctly) and I use the command it gives back 400 - 500 ms ping and up to 60% packet loss.

    As I've said earlier this only happens in dota 2 and no other game and no other application which is why I believe there is something wrong with the servers. Perhaps it's a regional issue and some servers have an issue and others don't (its not every dota game its more like 1 in 2 to 1 in 3 ).

    Am I the only one experiencing this?

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    No, you is not the only one.
    Here from nothing the game goes mad, from 200ms of ping, to 3000ms. I dont know wtf is this, but its really, really annoying, and the most annoying is that my partners think I'm stupid for not playing like I would play, If this game did not have so many fucking bugs.

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    Bump, this needs attention.

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